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Hamat Real Estate

Hamat Real Estate Company is an Egyptian-Saudi company with an English partnership based in Cairo. It focuses its investments in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2009 AD and includes under its umbrella a number of famous companies operating in various sectors, including industrial, agricultural, commercial, service, operational and other fields. 2009, Hamat has grown in size, experience and experience with partners and more than 50 permanent employees. The team's capabilities and vision extend to projects and external and internal designs to provide a comprehensive approach to projects from each city in a manner commensurate with achieving the aesthetic values of the form of buildings, urban spaces and the foundations of the visual fabric of cities, villages and all urban areas, in The new urban communities...
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Hamat Masr

Hamat is known for its comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of development within the Arab community, and we aspire for more innovation in interior and exterior designs in all our projects. The practice works with partners, builders, and a wide range of experienced and collaborators to present complex projects with a simplified approach. The Foundation is proud to know that every design makes a positive contribution to the fabric of every city. .
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